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Motiflow dealers create interior products with the best patterns of designers. Digitally printed in The Netherlands and made to order for you. Exited about one of our thousand of patterns? Order the specific pattern at one of our dealers on many different products. You choose! Will it be wallpaper, a fabric or sticker? Or maybe duvet, a pillow or an acoustic panel.

Get inspired by the dealer’s pattern of choice or pick one of your own patterns or designs on a product of your choice. Can’t find the pattern at your dealer? Just send a message and they will print it for you! Curious about all products? You can find them here!

Your Favourite Stuff

Unique living items with various interiorproducts with trendy patterns that makes you happy! In other words: ‘ your favourite stuff.’

Marketing Shelfie

A complete collection based on the latest deco trends and a choice of all Motiflow designs on many interior products: that's Marketing Shelfie.

Dutch Sprinkles

Dutch Sprinkles makes ‘sprinkles’ for your interior: beautiful items that make you happy and also make it easy to restyle your interior. You can chose from a small collection Motiflow patterns on clocks or wallcircles.

Love This Art

Trendy bean bags, wall decorations, cushions and bed covers for kids. Choose from all Motiflow patterns and create a unique home item yourself! Together with Love This Art, decorate your living room and children's room with your favourite prints.