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What is a Motiflow-partner?

It is important to us that designers get a stage to show their creations to the world. That's why you can upload your Patterns to Motiflow and get them printed. But we want to create more opportunities for you! How cool is it if your patterns reach way (read: 'waaaaay') further than the Motiflow-platform? 😉

That's why we are searching for parties and beautifull brands to connect with, which we also call: Motiflow-partners! This way your patterns will be offered on different awesome products to consumers. This way your pattern will get a much bigger reach, everybody can get their favourite pattern in their homes and you can earn more with your pattern! You can read more about our first partners on this page. 


We Maqe is our launching partner! Sophie (the owner) will sell 'pattern based interior products' from her brand new web shop, with Motiflow-prints. From textile posters to pillows. How that looks?

About Sophie

Sophie Accardi started We Maqe in 2017. Therefore she worked at VT Wonen and Wehkamp. She did lots of experience in the interior world. And so it became time to start her own web shop! On her Instagram you immediately see that she has a great 'gut' feeling for beautiful matches in interior. 

All about the designer

Also for We Maqe it's all about the designer! At her website you can shop per designer and in Meet the designer you'll get to know everything about the designers. Sophie works together with a lot of interior stylists and bloggers. This way she presents the products and the Motiflow-designers in a very stylish way! For example, check-out this photo made by Dutch blogger Dirks Dotter of a beanbag with the pattern from Motiflow-designer Dorrith.rem



Dutch Sprinkles makes clocks that make you smile. In stylisch colors, with stylisch prints or your own photo. You put the clock together yourself!

Put it together yourself

You can adjust and compose the clocks of Dutch Sprinkles completely by yourself on her website: you choose the design (maybe with your own pattern?), the color of the edges and one of the five needle colors. This way it will always be the perfect match for your interior!

Is your clock in stores yet?

Dutch Sprinkles bringst the clocks to the attention by resellers. Therefore it is possible that a clock with your pattern is shining in one of these stores (see 'verkooppunten'). Also she recently did a fun give-away where you were able to win a clock with the pattern of your favourite designers. So make your pattern available for 'third parties', and maybe next time you can be someone's favourite? 😉