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Trend magazine retro: get inspired!

At Motiflow we have a clear mission: bringing together design, interior and trends in a sustainable way. And of course we always put our designers on an oversized pedestal. You can see that pedestal here, in the form of our very first Trend magazine Retro! More is more, even when we talk about retro, the interior trend of this moment.

trendmagazine retro

Tired of your computer monitor?

We get that. Request a paper Trend magazine here, then you will soon find it in your letterbox. A real must have!

trendmagazine retro
trendmagazine retro

Bring patterns to life with the mock-up tool

Bring patterns to life with the mock-up tool Scroll through Motiflow's patterns and you will get an instant feel-good feeling. All those creative and cheerful creations just make you happy! But what does a design actually look like on a product? We have come up with something for that..

Discover it with the mock-up tool

The mock-up tool shows what a pattern looks like on a product. Our first tool includes the contour of a pillow made to the required scale. Place it over the patterns in the Trend magazine and see how the pattern shines on a decorative pillow. Ta-da!

You will receive the mock-up tool (for free) with our Trend magazine edition Retro. Every quarter we publish a new Trend magazine and mock-up tool. So collect them all!

Did you know that you can also simply place the mock-up tool on your screen? Try it out!

Don't you have a Trend magazine yet? Download the magazine here as a PDF or request it for free on paper (including mock-up tool).

Let’s go retro! In the first edition of the Trend magazine we share the most beautiful retro patterns, products ideas and combinations with you. Combine vintage furniture with natural materials and colorful prints. How about an acoustic panel with your favorite print on it? But there is more beauty: from rugs and cushions to a total table setting: plenty of ideas and applications!

In this edition we also meet designer Julie Coste from Bloomart Gallery. She’s known for her richly detailed botanical designs, oriental hues and cool retro patterns. She tells you all about her sources of inspiration.

Julie’s patterns and those of many other designers shine throughout the magazine.
Are you curious? Download the Trendmagazine Retro, sit back and get inspired!

Are you a designer?

Strengthen our designer community and who knows, your designs may be featured in the next editions of our Trend magazine. Sign up for free and upload your designs!

Are you a reseller?

Are you enthusiastic about (interior) products with cool patterns? Then enter into a collaboration with our print partner! Sign up and surprise your customer with more than 15.000 unique designs!

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