Home Public or private? It’s up to you!

Sharing your patterns with others, or rather keeping them private? You choose! You as a designer will always be our number one priority. Your design will always be your design. You decide if you want to keep your designs private or if you want to share them with our partners.


Are you choosing for the private option? Then the pattern is only visible to you! Only you can order products with your own designs. You can always share your patterns with our partners if you change your mind.


Want to earn money with your patterns? Choose for the option ‘public’. At that moment your patterns will be shared through our partners with the rest of the world. You will of course still receive your 10% fee, keep your ownership of your patterns and we will protect them at all times!

Share your pattern and get a 10% fee

Many of our partners sell their print products on their own website. From textile posters, beanbags and pillows to acoustic panels, room dividers and wallpaper. And, you get it: they can use your creative designs very well!

The advantage of sharing your patterns with partners? A huge audience ánd always a 10% fee. You will recieve a 10% fee above the order amount with every sale. You will always be the owner of your pattern and you can always change it to private or even delete it.

Meet our partners

You’re probably wondering: who is going to buy my designs and what are they going to do with it? Uhh... getting it printed of course! Our print supplier has over 6000 active resellers. These resellers are partners who all add value to the print products of our print supplier - and thus to your patterns - in their own way! They do this while using signing, advertisement, interior, textile, scholarships, events and workshops. 6.000 resellers: a huge boost in (potential) clients for you!


Want to become a reseller yourself? You can! 

Order via our print supplier is very worth your while! You will benefit from sharp purchase prices, a wide range of products and convenient services. You can also deliver an order directly to your client! Easy peasy, right?!

It’s very easy to apply for an account and it’s totally free. Extra nice: team New Customer Succes is there to assist you with your first three orders.

Designer visibility

Whoop-whoop! Have you uploaded three public patterns? Then you’ll get your own Motiflow-webshop! Add a profile picture, tell us something about yourself and maybe even share your own website or social media. Congratulations, from now on you will be visible as a Motiflow designer. Want to go straight to work? Please click here



Team up with Motiflow and stand out with your designs! 

Motiflow loves to put you on a pedestal. By sharing your designs, even famous bloggers and magazines will know where to find you. Yes really! This way your patterns will not only get exposure through Motiflow and our partners, but also through magazines, bloggers or even television programs! We always try to fithe naming rights of the designer. A while ago Motiflow was seen in the VT Wonen and Flow Magazine. Free promotion for you! 

Nice! And now more specific...

What are you agreeing with?
As soon as you share your pattern with our partners, they have the permission to print and sell your design on a lot of products. So you’re agreeing with the fact that others can market your printed pattern. They are not obligated to name you as a designer of the pattern, but we frequently see them doing that. Just because of its additional value!

Your work is being promoted!
Abovementioned may sound a bit severe, but it is very worth it! Because the more they show of their selfmade products, the bigger the chance that they’ll be buying more fabric with your pattern on it or that others will do so.

Is someone ordering something with your pattern through Motiflow? Then you’ll receive a 10% fee above the sale price. You can find it in your Motiflow-account and it will be paid out monthly.

I publicly uploaded my pattern. What’ll happen next?
First, your public uploaded pattern has to be approved. This means that your pattern will only be visible for others when we have approved your pattern. This happens within 2-3 workdays. The reason why we are doing this is to ensure that your pattern will roll out of the printer perfectly. We’re looking at resolution, colors and we check if the repition of the pattern is correct. As long as we haven’t approved your pattern yet, you can always order it yourself. You will receive an email when we’ve checked your pattern.
Private patterns aren’t checked by default. But you can always ask us to do so if you like!

Your rights
You are and always will be the owner of your design, these rights will never be taking from you. You can always set your design to private mode, change it or delete it. You are never stuck to your first choice.