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You've chosen your gift carefully, but what about the presentation? You can now order your favorite patterns on giftwrap!

About our giftwrap

Our giftwrap is a 75 grams, eco-friendly, 100% recyclable wrapping paper. At Motiflow we care for a better environment, therefore our Giftwrap paper is FSC-certified.

Available in the following widths:
50 cm x 2m: € 4,99 per roll
80 cm x 2m: € 6,99 per roll

Order online. It's easy!

1. Choose your favorite design

Search for tags (like boats), designers and colors or upload your own pattern.

2. Choose the weidth of the roll

You can choose between 50cm or 80cm width. The length of one roll is 2 meter.

3. We start printing

We only print with water-based inks. You receive your giftwrap within 5-7 days at home.









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Motiflow giftwrap

>  Order from 1 roll
>  FSC-certified paper
>  water based inks
>  no minimal printing run
>  fast delivery
>  new patterns everyday
>  or upload your own design