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The pattern challenge by Motiflow


Collect your best designer tools, sharpen all your pencils and grab a big cup of coffee... Because it's time for the one and only Motiflow design challenge!

Time for a common goal. In these crazy times, it’s important to motivate and inspire each other. More than ever! So are you ready for a fun and creative challenge? Join the Motiflow pattern challenge of February. Together we will design the most beautiful patterns, for a whole month.
Designer Muchable (which you can follow on Instagram) kicks off. Are you going to join her?

Let's create

Create a fun pattern in your own style and based on the theme of the day. In February you can participate every day. Are you unable to participate for a day? Don’t worry, that doesn't matter at all!

A new theme every day

Every day we will challenge you with a new theme. From home, earth, swimming to the new Pantone colors, kids room and bedding… Sounds fun right?! Check the overview of all themes at the bottom of this page.

Share your design

Share your design on Instagram with the hashtag #PatternchallengebyMotiflow and upload your design on Motiflow.com (available for third parties). Also tag @Motiflow_patterns, we will share your design on our socials.

Your designs in the spotlight

Everyday we share the most beautiful patterns on our social media channels and on this blog.motiflow.com website. We will share your created designs with our partners. This way you have an extra chance of income from earned fees. 

So...  We show the most beautiful patterns in reels and stories every day.
A blog of our favorite patterns every day.


Win your design on a cool bag

This pattern challenge is just for fun. Still, we like to give you an extra boost. That’s why we will reward the most beautiful design with a cool bag. Each day!

pattern design

Romy loves to tell you more about the challenge.
here for the video. Will you join her?

The themes

  1. Animal
  2. Home
  3. Yellow and grey (these are the Pantone colors of 2021)
  4. Bicycle
  5. 70's style
  6. (Pattern for on a) bag
  7. Universe
  8. Nature
  9. Abstract
  10. Faces (line art is trending in 2021)
  11. Traveling
  12. Dance like you never before
  13. (Pattern for) kidsroom
  14. Spring
  15. People
  16. Magical
  17. Color: brave ground (the Flexa color 2021)
  18. Swimming
  19. Worldly influence
  20. (Pattern for) Bedding
  21. Chaos
  22. Insect
  23. Tropical
  24. Retro (the interior trend 2021)
  25. Fly
  26. Doodle
  27. (Pattern for) outside use
  28. Earth
design challenge

Romy (Muchable) is going for it!

Muchable is the inspiration you need as a designer. She will share her beautiful creation on that day's theme on her social media. Every day! Of course we also share her creations on our social media and this blog.

pattern challenge

Win your design printed on a bag!

Each day we will choose a winning design. We print that beautiful design on a cool bag for the designer. Ready to shine! The winning design will also get a place of honor on our theme page.

Pattern challenge


Trust us, you don't want to miss any theme, important information, a happy winner and the most beautiful patterns. So follow the hashtag #patternchallengebyMotiflow on Instagram. There you will find everything about this great pattern challenge!

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