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Our favourite party patterns

Every month the Motiflow Blog has another theme. This months theme is "Paper Party"! We told about the Motiflow gift wrap paper, we showed you how to make your own t-shirt pocket and you were able to get to know designer en illustrator Megan McNulty. Of course, for all those items we had to choose patterns! Because the Motiflow Blog wouldn't be complete without all those great patterns. What are our favourite patterns of this month? We've picked them out for you! From confetti till pigeons with party heads. At Motiflow you can find many more party patterns. For example, you can search for: garlands, balloons or cake. Or maybe you'll serve sparkling donuts on your birthday?

Tip: click on a pattern to order it on fabric, wallpaper or giftwrap!


We collected our favourite party patterns! But what's your favourite pattern? In one of the following blogs we will announce a nice give-away. You can already join the parade by sharing your favourite pattern with #motiflowfavourite


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