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22 June 2017

We are Motiflow and we are on a mission: delivering high quality printed products with unique designs from the best surface pattern designers - to the whole world! We are a print on demand company, this means we have no stocks at all. You choose, we print. This way we only print what you really want. So there's minimal waste of fabric, wallpaper and paper. You can order from 1 meter. Easy accessible, against fair prices, always a 10% fee for the designer, only european fabrics and no minimal purchase. But most of all: over a thousand awesome patterns! We're sure you will love it.

You can order all patterns on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap!


We only select the finest, highest quality fabrics. Our cottons, jersey and poly outdoor are produced in Europe and we only use non-toxic, eco-friendly inks and the most advanced printing techniques.


Looking for wallpaper with a trendy print? A certain color? At Motiflow you will find the wallpaper you’re looking for! Receive the exact amount of pre-cut strokes you need. And with our custom roll you can easily decorate your wall, without worrying about the repeat.


Our giftwrap is a 75 grams, eco-friendly, 100% recyclable wrapping paper. At Motiflow we care for a better environment, therefore our Giftwrap paper is FSC-certified.

How does it work?

Find your favorite pattern

you can search for tags, designers or colors (and save favorites)

Choose a material

all patterns can be printed on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap!

We start printing

we only print with non toxic pigment inks

Receive your package at home!

within 7-9 work days.

Choose a unique pattern . . . or upload your own

Our platform is driven by unique designers who share their designs with everybody willing to give their life a personal, colorful and bright touch! Motiflow is all about combining new, environmental friendly printing technologies with unique designs. At this moment we have over 3000 awesome patterns. So you will always find something you like! Or you can upload your own design (it's free!). In order to do so you need to fill in your VAT-number and IBAN. After uploading your design, you can also put it in repeat via our website. Can't wait to get started with your own pattern? Make an account!

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1 comment

Ingeborg 14 May 2018 at 23:08

Hi! I love what you make possible at Motiflow! How great is it that we can have our own designs printed so easily?! On the types of fabric that you offer: is there a reason why linnen is not included? Is it difficult to print on linnen? I have noticed that there is not a great deal of printed linnen around at all and I would love to know why! Thanks, Ingeborg


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