Three options

Want to earn money with your design? At you can upload your own design. But in order to do so, you will need to fill in your IBAN and VAT number. We put our designers first. That's why we want to create as many opportunities as possible for you to sell your design printed on beautiful products. During the upload of your pattern you have three choices. You can keep your pattern private (only for you), make it public on Motiflow or make it available for third parties as well. Below we explain these choices shortly. Click on a choice to read more.


It's all in the name: only you can see ánd order your pattern on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap. Nobody else will be able to see your pattern. If you order something with your own design, you will always get a 10% discount. Isn't that nice?

Public on Motiflow

Choose this option and you will make a lot of people happy. Because then everybody can order your pattern printed on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap! Over every order with your design, you will get a 10% fee (ex. VAT). You will see this in your Motiflow-account and you will get your fee paid monthly. 

Third parties

Your pattern will not only be available on, but will also be available for nice parties and beautiful brands we admire. You will have a much bigger reach! And of course, just like selling via, you will receive a 10% fee over every sold product with your pattern. Outpayment will go the same as the previous option.

You choose Private
when only you may order your pattern on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap

You choose Public on Motiflow
when you want to earn money via

You choose Third parties
when you want to earn money via and joined parties

Third parties

Your patterns will not only be available on, but will also be available for other parties and beautiful brands. They will sell your pattern printed on textile materials or interior uses. Think of pillows, curtains and wall decoration. This means their end customers can buy - for example - a pillow with your design! This way your pattern can get a much bigger reach, and this means more earnings for you.


More reach

Motiflow revealed itself as a community. Our biggest goal is to give designers a stage for their creativity, and to make it able to show their beautiful patterns to the world. That's why you can upload your own patterns at Motiflow, and print them in small runs on fabric, giftwrap and wallpaper (from 1 meter). But, we want to create more opportunities for you as a designer! Because we find so much beauty in your patterns, and the possibilities are endless. How cool would it be if your patterns could reach much further than the Motiflow-platform? That's why we are always looking for parties and beautifull brands to collaborate with, so your patterns can be offered on different products to the end customer. This way your pattern will get a bigger reach. Customers can get their favourite pattern at home, printed on awesome items. And you can earn more with your design! Just by putting it out there. 

Awesome parties and beautifull brands

Finding the right parties for you is of the utmost importance. Parties and brands that go hand in hand with Motiflow, but also with you. Parties that fit us both. That's why we are continuously in conversation with parties to discuss opportunities.. and those opportunities are endless! What kind of parties you can think of, you ask? Well, at first online parties. A fun online web shop that sells textile interior products like pillows, duvet covers or bean bags. But also a beautifull brand that makes unique wall decoration and sells it offline can be interesting. Those parties can be existing (and well-known) parties which we think are interesting, stylists and architects, as well as new start-ups we believe in. 

Can I choose between those brands?

In step 3, during the upload of your pattern, you can choose between private, public on Motiflow and third parties. You can change these settings per pattern. The option third patterns is not divided in different parties. This means you will agree on all parties and brands that we collaborate with. So it's not possible for you to make a selection. Curious which parties we are talking about? You can read more about the current Motiflow-partners here

On demand printing

After your agreement, these parties have the ability of offering your pattern printed on their products. They can print these products in-house, or get them printed at Motiflow. We print on demand, which means that we only print something if somebody orders. Your pattern will only be printed when somebody wants it on a product, and then you get paid. This means no stockings and no waste, which is better for the environment. We stand for on demand printing and the possibilities it brings for creating a better, happier world in which design plays a huge role. In our search for collaborations we will focus mostly on parties that will be able to print on demand as well. 

I make my pattern available for third parties. What happens now?

First, your pattern needs approval. We do this based on if the pattern is seamless and correctness (just as for the option Public on Motiflow) and based on the applicability of the pattern. Next, Motiflow will make a distinction based on the type of partner that will fit you as a designer. This is based on professionalism, range of patterns, exclusivity, level of engagement and popularity. This selection procedure will take about 2-3 days. After that you will receive an e-mail. Is your pattern approved? Than your pattern can be selected by a linked brand! They will make their own selection within the patterns that are available to them. They will see your Designer-account with the patterns you made available for them, and they can also read your story. Some parties will choose kids patterns, others will choose graphic patterns, others will only choose patterns from one specific designer. Everything is possible! 


And.. lean back!

The best part is that these parties will do their best to sell their products with your design. So you don't have to do anything: they are the ones that have to make people want it. This means your pattern can suddenly pass by in a advertisement of a brand. How cool is that! And of course you can tell people where to buy products with your design, to help them a little. 😉 Also we will highlight a few brands ourselves. 

Can a brand change my pattern?

This is the only option where not only you deside how your pattern will be displayed and printed. Joined parties are able to scale down the original file if necessary. o your pattern can only be produced at it biggest, but also at its smallest.  The maximum size will be the size you uploaded. Uploaded a file of 80 centimeter? Than the maximum size of your original file will be 80 centimeter. Also a joined party is able to change the repeat of your pattern, but this is not a common situation. Of course the colours, design and proportion of your design can never be changed.

Furthermore a brand has the right to make your pattern visual on their products. This is essential to those parties to encourage sales, and you will benefit by that. Also a joined party is able to place your pattern on a personalized product for consumers, for example a duvet cover with name. Of course we will always mention your designername. A party isn't obligated to do so, but we will encourage this. 


A party will never become the owner of your pattern, nor does Motiflow. You will always remain ownership of your design. If you put it on private, public on Motiflow or if you make it available for third parties. 


Motiflow is a designer-platform, without our designers we wouldn't exist. So we put our designers first. That's why we make sure you will always get a 10% fee on products that parties sell with your pattern. You will see this fee in your Motiflow-account, and you will get paid monthly. 

Let's design the world togehter

Do you dare to let your pattern go all over the world? You will create more fans, more conversion, more exposure and of course you will earn more money. Together we will put your patterns on the map, and we will try to do this trough whole Europe. Are you with us? 


Often a pattern will come out better on a curtain or wallpaper if it's bigger. But as said, parties as well as Motiflow are not able to enlarge your pattern. They can only 'play' with your uploaded original size. That will be the maximum size. Therefore we advise to upload your pattern as big as possible, if it fits your pattern. This makes your pattern easier adjustable for some parties, mostly for parties in the interior market. 

How does the connection work?

We will make it able for parties to connect with our patterns database. But what does this mean?

Offering patterns

Motiflow will make your patterns available for other parties. These brands select the patterns they want, and show them on their own products in their online web shop. Therefore they will visualize your pattern on their products and promote it.


Now your pattern can be sold on different products in different (online) shops. 


For every sold product with your pattern, you will get paid. You will get a 10% fee over every sold product, and you will your fee paid monthly. Offering your patterns for this connection is absolutely free!

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