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With wallpaper you can completely transform a room. Looking for wallpaper with a trendy print? A certain color? Or imagine yourself in a tropical atmosphere with a nice palm print on your wall? At Motiflow you will find the wallpaper you’re looking for!

About our wallpaper

Our non woven wallpaper (200 gram) is easy to clean using a soft wipe and a mild detergent. This type of wallpaper is perfectly suited for big and smaller surfaces and fire retardant. You apply the wallpaper strokes next to each other, and the glue goes on the wall.

Custom roll from:      € 4,99
Standard roll:             € 49,99

Fire resistente wallpaper easy clean wallpaper

Only pay for what you really need

Custom roll

Receive the exact amount of pre-cut strokes you need. This way you can easily decorate your wall, without worrying about the repeat. You will have minimal waste, and pay exactly for what you need! The width of the strokes is 53 centimeters and the height of every stroke is based on the height of your wall including a 20cm overspill.


From € 4,99

Standard roll

The width of one roll is 53 centimeters by 10 meters long. Want to minimize te risk of being stuck with to much wallpaper? Choose our custom roll to get the exact amount of wallpaper you need.


Standard roll € 49,99

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Kids will love it!

Transform your kid’s bedroom to a paradise! Car wallpaper, clouds for a future airline pilot, footballs or tennis rackets for the sports fan... you name it and our designers have designed a trendy and colorful pattern.

Idea: take a break, sit down with your son or daughter on the couch and scroll through all available patterns on your tablet or laptop. You might be surprised what design they choose or like. Mamoesjka’s son picked this super cool wallpaper with a Studio Teer design, wauw!

Wallpaper glue

A high-quality wallpaper glue is vital for the best result. DIY-stores offer a wide range of different wallpaper glues. We recommend the following wallpaper glue: Perfax Roll-on for non-woven wallpaper.

A few tips for the best result:
> Make sure the wall is flat en non-absorbent. Is your wall absorbent? Give the surface a pre-treatment with a primer.
> Remove old wallpaper completely.
> Clean and degrease latex wall paint before decorating.
> Remove glue residues directly with clean water.