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Three options

Want to earn money with your design? At www.motiflow.com you can upload your own design. But in order to do so, you will need to fill in your IBAN and VAT number. We put our designers first. That's why we want to create as many opportunities as possible for you to sell your design printed on beautiful products. During the upload of your pattern you have three choices. You can keep your pattern private (only for you), make it public on Motiflow or make it available for third parties as well. Below we explain these choices shortly. Click on a choice to read more.


It's all in the name: only you can see ánd order your pattern on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap. Nobody else will be able to see your pattern. If you order something with your own design, you will always get a 10% discount. Isn't that nice?

Public on Motiflow

Choose this option and you will make a lot of people happy. Because then everybody can order your pattern printed on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap! Over every order with your design, you will get a 10% fee (ex. VAT). You will see this in your Motiflow-account and you will get your fee paid monthly. 

Third parties

Your pattern will not only be available on Motiflow.com, but will also be available for nice parties and beautiful brands we admire. You will have a much bigger reach! And of course, just like selling via Motiflow.com, you will receive a 10% fee over every sold product with your pattern. Outpayment will go the same as the previous option.

You choose Private
when only you may order your pattern on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap

You choose Public on Motiflow
when you want to earn money via Motiflow.com

You choose Third parties
when you want to earn money via Motiflow.com and joined parties

Public on Motiflow? What does this mean?

Your patterns will be available on the Motiflow-platform and you will get your own Motiflow-shop. This means everybody can order your pattern printed on fabric, giftwrap and wallpaper via www.motiflow.com. This way your fans can order your patterns for fun DIY projects, a boring wall or for making unique gifts. You will always remain ownership of your design and you can always put it on private.

Your own Motiflow-shop

You will have a Motiflow-shop as soon as you uploaded three (approved) public patterns on Motiflow. Here you can tell something about yourself, show a picture of yourself and share your personal website. It's all about you! You can easily share this link on your social, so people can buy your printed patterns. It's your showcase profile. Here you can see all Motiflow-designers with their shops.  


Your design printable on every material

A gift that is wrapped up with your giftwrap, a self-made dress or a wall that's been covered with your pattern on wallpaper. When you put your pattern public on Motiflow, these are some thing you can expect. Everybody can order your pattern on fabric, giftwrap and wallpaper and use it the way they want. Together we can create more! And how cool is it to see what others make with your printed pattern. 

Create fans!

Your pattern can be ordered at fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap. We often see that customers share their creations on social, and also name the designer. For example, somebody can make a tipi tent of your pattern printed on fabric. They are also allowed to sell it. 

For example, MusenMoos makes kids clothes and accesoires from the printed patterns of Motiflow-designer PietenKees. She's a total fan of all her patterns, and makes beautifull stuff with it. They both share the creations MusenMoos makes on Instagram. We like!


Famous bloggers & magazines

When you put your pattern public on Motiflow, your design can also be picked by designers. This way your design will not only be shown at Motiflow.com, but can also be shown in magazines, on blogs or even tv-shows. We always try to get your designer-name stated. Recently Motiflow was named in the VT Wonen and Flow Magazine. Free promotion for you!

Get mentioned on blog.motiflow.com

At the Motiflow blog you will see DIY projects, tips and tricks. For every blog different patterns will be chosen. This way we promote your design. Beautiful photo's will be taken by our blog team and of course you can use these photo's to promote your printed pattern as well. Also every month we lift out a designer in "Designer of the month", because we want our customers to get to know you!

Maak je eigen etui met Motiflow
Maak je eigen etui met Motiflow

Sounds good! Now let's make it concrete.

To sum it up, this option means your patterns will be available on the Motiflow platform. Everybody can order your pattern, from your neighbour to somebody in Germany who's a fan of your style, They are only able to order it on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap. You will always remain ownership of your pattern, which means you can put it on private when you want to. And you can sell your pattern on other platforms as well. We don't ask exclusivity, we just want you to get as many fans possible.

Reach your fans

We think it's important that designers get the stage they deserve to show their creations to the rest of the world. That's why you can upload your patterns on Motiflow, showcase them, and get them printed on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap. Not only you can print your pattern on these materials, if you choose this option others will be able to as well. This way your pattern will get a much bigger reach. You receive 10%  over every order with your pattern, and customers can buy the pattern they dreamed of. They often make beautifull items of the fabric, and those items will pass by on Instagram. So they promote you! It's a win-win. 

Where do you agree with?

When you choose public on Motiflow you agree that people who buy (for example) fabric with your own print, are allowed to choose it for their own projects. This can be a selfmade skirt, a personal gift wrapped with your pattern or a blogger who chooses your design for covering her wall. You agree that other poeple are allowed to promote your pattern. So they can onsell that selfmade skirt with your pattern. Also they are not obligated to name you, but we often see that they do: because in the end adds an extra value to the product!


You will be promoted

All the above may sound a bit strict, but you will get much in return! Because how more often they show their selfmade items, how bigger the change they have to buy more of your fabric and that they trigger other people to buy your designed fabric, wallpaper or giftwrap. 

I put my pattern public on Motiflow. What happens now?

First your pattern will be checked. We will do this for public on Motiflow as well as for third parties. This means your pattern will not be visible for others until we approved it. This approximately takes 2-3 work days. We do this to assure that your pattern turns out the way it should be. For example we look at resolution, colors and we check if the repeat of your pattern is correct. You are always able to order your own pattern (coinsurance), even if we still have to approve it. You will receive an e-mail as soon as your pattern is checked.

Your rights

You are and will always be the owner of your design, no matter which option you choose. These rights will never be abated. You can delete your pattern at all time, but you can also always change the status of your pattern to private. Your pattern immediately won't be visible anymore for others. You are never stuck on your first choice!

Discount on your order

No matter which option you choose, you will always get a 10% discount when you order your own pattern on fabric, wallpaper or giftwrap.


Does somebody order something with your pattern on Motfilow? Than you will receive a 10% fee over the total amount! You will see this fee in your Motiflow-account. This fee will be transferred to your bank account on a monthly basis. 

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