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Want to earn money with your design? At www.motiflow.com you can upload your own design. But in order to do so, you will need to fill in your IBAN and VAT number. We put our designers first. That's why we want to create as many opportunities as possible for you to sell your design printed on beautiful products. During the upload of your pattern you have three choices. You can keep your pattern private (only for you), make it public on Motiflow or make it available for third parties as well. Below we explain these choices shortly. Click on a choice to read more.


It's all in the name: only you can see ánd order your pattern on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap. Nobody else will be able to see your pattern. If you order something with your own design, you will always get a 10% discount. Isn't that nice?

Public on Motiflow

Choose this option and you will make a lot of people happy. Because then everybody can order your pattern printed on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap! Over every order with your design, you will get a 10% fee (ex. VAT). You will see this in your Motiflow-account and you will get your fee paid monthly. 

Third parties

Your pattern will not only be available on Motiflow.com, but will also be available for nice parties and beautiful brands we admire. You will have a much bigger reach! And of course, just like selling via Motiflow.com, you will receive a 10% fee over every sold product with your pattern. Outpayment will go the same as the previous option.

You choose Private
when only you may order your pattern on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap

You choose Public on Motiflow
when you want to earn money via Motiflow.com

You choose Third parties
when you want to earn money via Motiflow.com and joined parties

Why choose private?

When you upload a pattern on private modus, the pattern will be 100% private! Only you can order your pattern on fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap. This means you can sell your own line of self-designed items. But it also means you can print your daughter's drawing on fabric or wallpaper. Or make personalized wrapping paper with the design of the wedding card of your best friend, to pack up your wedding gift.

Create your own line

The private option is often used by designers and illustrators who want to print their own patterns on fabric, wallpaper or giftwrap to make their own line. This way the sale is in their own hands, and they can make (for example) a pillow of their own designed fabric and sell it. Motiflow will never make known that your products are made of Motiflow-materials. Only if you would like us to, and tag us for example on social media. If we are allowed to share your products on social, it can help you selling more products! Because your pattern is on private modus, they will not be able to buy it at Motiflow, so they have to buy it at your own website. This way we can support each other! 


Personalized gifts

Got a friend that's going to get married? Turn the design of their wedding card into giftwrap. Just scan it in, upload it, put in repeat and print it on giftwrap. Wrap up your wedding gift and you will have super personalized gift! You can already order a roll of giftwrap for only 4,99. And when you order something with your design, you will get a 10% discount. 

Amazing giftwrap ideas

Just summing it up.

Only for you

When you choose private, only you can see and order your patterns. Nobody else can order or see your pattern and Motiflow may not use your pattern for marketing purposes or other uses.

Double-check your pattern

We do not check private patterns. We assume that private patterns are being uploaded correctly, like the uploader has meant them to be. How you see your pattern in the preview, is how it will be printed. Of course a double check is possible. Do you want us to check your private pattern? Just ask, and we will look at it! 

Your rights

You are and will always be the owner of your design, no matter which option you choose. These rights will be never abated. You can delete your pattern at all time, but you can also always change the status of your pattern (public on Motiflow or third parties). You are never stuck on your first choice!

Motiflow rights

Because you put your pattern on private, we will never use your pattern. We aren't even going to announce that you printed your pattern at Motiflow or share it unasked. Also we are not allowed to use your pattern for marketing purposes like events, printing work or sample books. It is for you, and only you. 

Discount on your order

You will always get a 10% discount when you order your own pattern on fabric, wallpaper or giftwrap. This goes for all three options. 


Because you don't offer your pattern to others, you can't receive fee. 

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